Digital marketing

We’ll take a weight off your shoulders, but nothing out of your hands.

You’re protective of your brand. We get it. That’s why we welcome your input on every digital marketing campaign, and always let you know what we’re up to. We even share a monthly KPI report that gets you up to speed on project progress.

Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation

Whether they’re in need of a product, a service, information or entertainment, web users almost always start with search. If you want more traffic heading your way, you need to rank highly for relevant search terms. That’s where Flow SEO comes in.

Technical tweaks

We keep up-to-date with ever-evolving algorithms to implement technical tweaks that make a serious difference to your search visibility.

Link-building campaigns

Our outreach experts build prosperous relationships with key influencers, getting your brand in with all the right crowds.

SEO copywriting

We produce unique, optimised landing-page copy that boosts rankings, strengthens your brand voice and drives sales.

Reputation management

Negative search results threaten every business, but we can employ white-hat techniques to manage and enhance your online reputation.

Conversion rate optimisation

Conversion rate optimisation

Maximising sales isn’t just about getting more visitors to your site: it’s about making a higher proportion of visitors convert. We know the CRO techniques that get more people buying, enquiring, following, clicking and registering.

Behaviour analysis

We put ourselves in your visitors’ shoes, scrutinising onsite behaviour to gain a rich understanding of their needs and desires.

A/B testing

Data gleaned from A/B testing allows us to gauge the effectiveness of any changes, and informs our future strategies and decisions.

Pay per click

Pay per click

Perhaps the most cost-effective advertising medium out there, PPC allows you to carefully target online ads, and only pay when someone clicks through. It’s a great way to connect with new audiences in competitive markets.

Google AdWords

By keeping a tight reign on your budget and employing proven strategies, we extract exceptional ROI from your Google AdWords campaigns.

Social ads

Our social ads are carefully crafted and targeted to help your brand connect with the right people, at the right time.

Social media

Social media

Social media presents a huge opportunity to build valuable relationships and enhance your brand image. We analyse your business and audience to develop a social strategy that maximises engagement and produces meaningful results.

Targeted content

Social sites have distinct personalities, and so do their users. We optimise all communication for the platform it’s shared on.

Dynamic updates

Social updates are adapted to complement wider brand activity and, where appropriate, take advantage of online trends.

Content marketing

Content marketing

Publishing quality content allows you to establish authority and strengthen your brand. We devise and deliver content marketing strategies that yield measurable results, supporting SEO and CRO efforts while driving traffic and sales.

Creative concepts

Competing for consumers’ attention online is tricky business, but our creativity ensures your brand stands out from the crowd.

Goal-oriented approach

We create content with a purpose. Every piece is ultimately designed to support the customer journey and boost your bottom line.

Email marketing

Email marketing

Great for promoting events and sharing updates, email marketing is a cost-effective way to connect with your customers and nurture prosperous relationships. We’ll help you manage campaigns that make recipients sit up and take notice.

Comprehensive support

Our team can help every step of the way. We know how to produce best-practice strategies, on-brand templates and engaging content.

Ongoing improvements

By analysing campaign performance reports, we use proven techniques to hone your strategy and get more customers converting.